I died along time ago and my soul was bought and payed for before I was even born. We are the children of God and the brother and sisters of our Lord Jesus who payed the price for our souls long ago.We all go thru times when we feel alone and abandoned but we are not alone and never have or will be for Jesus said he will always be with us and help carry of thru these troubling times.Be free in thought and let our Lord help carry you thru your troubling times and he will.Remember my brothers and sisters he will never abandon you for you are his he has always loved you and always will. Remember he said this world hated him before it hated us and thru him we can walk the path he has made for us.Remember he took on this world and Death and won and he did that to save us all. In troubled times turn to your family and friends for he will surround you with the ones you need. Me friends and family keep the faith and walk the path Jesus has for you. May God be with you (he always will be) and trouble yourself not of this world. Read God’s word and be safe.We have all had troubling times and he has always carried us thru it.

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