Mirror &Death

I don’t know about others but when I look in a mirror I don’t only see myself but my Lord Jesus with me. For when we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior the holy ghost comes upon us and we are his. He has bought and payed for our sins. The holy ghost helps us lead our lives the way our Lord Jesus would have us do. He helps us not to judge others because that’s not for us to do for only our Lord Jesus has the right to judge for he is without sin unlike us. My life has been great since he called me into his flock of followers. He has given me an awesome family and friends to have in my life and has called me to help others. In him I no longer fear death because I know when it happens I will meet our Lord Jesus face to face. We all need to treat each other the way he treated others with respect and love and kindness for others. With that said I leave you with this may peace and love always be in your life.

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