My Trial and Tribulations

When I was young and at the end of my first marriage I was going thru bad times like most and at that time I do not know why things worked out the way they did back then. When it was getting really bad I turned to reading GOD’s word and now I can see that was the first time he was calling me. I know now he was with me because if he wasn’t then I would not be here now. He pulled me out of that mess and carried me thru it. And later he guided me to the woman he wanted me to be with and to help and she is awesome to me. Now that I look back at all the bad times in my life I can see where he carried me thru those times and guided me to where I am now. I could not ask for a better life or family that he has given me (I didn’t deserve it). And there has been other times he has guided me and he always will. And for that I thank GOD and my LORD JESUS for what they have done for me and given me in this life and the one to come.